Friday, January 20, 2012

What is Technology Integration REALLY About? A PCS Anecdote

Happy New Year!! I am back and ready to move strong in 2012! I hope you are too!

My first post this year is a spotlight on technology use in the classroom of a real teacher at my school. I try to frequently highlight what teachers are doing in technology to other teachers at the school through our school's internet portal. I periodically post an Academic Technology message with tidbits for the faculty to consider as they execute their daily routines. Here is the latest Technology Spotlight:

What is technology in education all about? A PCS anecdote

I wish I had a tape recorder on when Roberta [our music teacher] came into my office this morning to share her latest experience with me.
I'll try my best to recount her story:

Today is my last class for Music Theory. I was planning to play Musical Theory Jeopardy with them but thought that would be too boring. So instead I decided I'd like to analyze a piece with them. I realized that I did not have the CD that contained the symphony with me, but, I remembered that I could search for it on YouTube. Not only did I find it, but I had several performances to choose from! I then made copies of the score to give to the students, hooked up my laptop to the TV to project the symphony performance, and carried on with my new lesson plan.

What is technology in education all about? This is what it is all about! 

The ability to be flexible in your teaching and in your planning. 
The ability to have just-in-time access to the materials you need. 
The excitement that results when you are able to execute your vision for the lesson!

That is what technology in education is about!